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Basic Features

This product uses a water-lubricated design, internal filling solution contains pure water lubricated, internal and external water cooling. Avoid using water pollution, is environmentally friendly.
High reliability and durability products, no special maintenance, not easily to deformation ancracking, excellent electrical performance and high efficiency. Stator outer shell made of stainless steel welding, stainless steel innerlining. Epoxy resin provides good insulation, corrosion resistance, fast heat dissipation, against deep water pressure. Working depth up to 300 meters. Suitable to all kinds of submersible pumps to provide the best power and ensure reliable long-term maintenance-free operation. 

Technical Specification

·NEMA Mounting Dimensions
·60HZ/50HZ, Volts±10%
·Insulation: Class F
·Canned Type-Hermetically-Sealed Stator
·All Stainless Steel Exterior Construction
·Removable lead connector
·Resin System-Water Lubrication
·Filter Check Valve
·Kingsbury-Type Thrust Bearing
·Pressure Equalizing Diaphragm
·CE、ISO09001 certified facilities
·All motor predrilled and 100% tested

Part Construction Materials

·Motor (Stator) shell                               AISI 304/316
·Motor End Bells                                    AISI 304/316
·Motor Shaft                                           AISI 304/316
·Upper and Lower Radial Bearings        Carbon Sleeve
·Lead Wire                                             XPLE/PVC Cable
·Lead Potting                                         Epoxy
·Lead Nut                                               AISI 304/316
·Sand Slinger                                         NBR
·Diaphragm                                            NBR
·Seal                                                       NBR


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