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Basic Features

This product is internal filling food oil, high-performance ball bearings mak sturdy center running smoothly and durable using enameled winding service-able, good electrical properties, high efficiency, quick and easy repair. Stainless steel shell corrosion resistance, heat quickly. Anti-deep water pressure. Use work diving depth of up to 300meters. Allocable to all kinds of submerged water pump to provide the best power.

Technical Specification

·NEMA flange
·Volts ±10%
·Insulation:Class F
·Degree of protection: IP: 68
·Rated ambient temperature: 35℃
·Cooling flow: min. 0.08 m/s
·Max starts: 40/h
·Max operating depth: 300m
·Food oil lubricated
·Diaphragm of pressure compensation
·Axial thrust supported form angular ball bearing from 0.5hp to 1.5hp-2000N; from 2hp to 3hp-3000N;  from 4hp to 5.5hp-4000N; from 7.5hp to 10hp-5000N
·CE、ISO09001 certified facilities

Part Construction Materials

·Cable                      XPLE
·Sand Slinger           NBR
·Lip Seal                   NBR
·Mechanical Seal     Carbon-Graphite
·Motor Staft              AISI 304/410/316
·Screws                    AISI304/316
·Cover                      AISI 204/316
·O-Ring                    NBR
·Brackets                  Cast Iron /AISI 304/316
·Ball Bearings           AISI52100
·DIaphragm              NBR


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